Our team

Our team at Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate works collaboratively to deliver iconic development, superior property management and tasteful redevelopment.

Management team


Eric Bogdanowicz

  • Staff Accountant

Ryan Cox

  • Senior Real Estate Manager

Armando Fabela

  • Property Maintenance

David Kipp

  • Controller

Lisa Paul

  • Property Manager

Ken Rottmann

  • Repair Technician

Jacob Brown

  • Property Administrator

Doyle Crews

  • Groundskeeper

Lauren Finch

  • Public Relations

Sarah Moellers

  • Property Manager

Wayne Porter

  • Maintenance Technician

Buffy Terry

  • Property Manager

Dan Burns

  • Senior Manager - Strategic Leasing

Tim Davis

  • Property Maintenance

Philip Green

  • Pilot

Kevin Morrison

  • CFO

Scott Richter

  • Property Maintenance

John Tessmer

  • Accountant

Grant Clark

  • Co-Pilot

Jenn Epstein

  • Assistant Property Manager & Administrator

Doug Jimenez

  • Property Manager

Kim Murray

  • Property Manager

Melissa Roth

  • Senior Manager - Leasing

Cory Trower

  • Building Engineer